Sen. Barrasso mentions book on Senate floor

Yesterday, Senator John Barrasso’s Second Opinion address on the Senate floor was titled, “If You Like Your Health Care Coverage, Cross Your Fingers.” He discussed a new report from the McKinsey Quarterly on “How US health care reform will affect employee benefits.” Talking about the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on employer-provided health insurance, Sen. Barrasso remarked, “Among employers with a high awareness of how the program actually works for health care reform, who have actually studied what the law says, well, in that group, those who are most well informed, they are saying more than 50% and upwards to 60% will pursue other options, likely to stop offering their employees health coverage.” He mentioned Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America, and said that “having read the book, I will tell you a lot of the things I’ve been talking about during the debate leading up to the vote on ObamaCare, and that I’ve been talking about afterwards as a doctor — Second Opinion — are included in [the] book.”

Capitol Hill Book Forum

Rep. Tom Price, MD, and Sen. John Barrasso joined us yesterday for our Capitol Hill book launch, hosted by AEI. All four co-authors spoke to a full room of Congressional aides about Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America. Rep. Price said “this book is so incredibly important” and described how useful a tool it is to anyone trying to learn what was in the health legislation that passed a year ago. Watch the video below to hear Rep. Price’s remarks and the great presentations by our panel of co-authors.

Book Launch and Webcast

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America was launched this week with a burst of media activity and a terrific event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The webcast gives a good overview of the book from the four authors, and you’ll hear a terrific introduction from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who led off our event yesterday. “I’m such a fan of this book,” he said. “It’s really an excellent statement, I think, an important statement, of the case against ObamaCare — which I think is the correct case in understanding ObamaCare. And it also suggests the direction one should go once it’s repealed.”

Co-authors at the book launch

Co-authors Tom Miller, Jim Capretta, Grace-Marie Turner, and Bob Moffit

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America book launch event

Bill Kristol joined the co-authors in giving remarks at the National Press Club

Photos by Peter Holden Photography