NRO: Wrong, Baby, Wrong

National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez interviewed our co-authors about Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America, the health sector in America, and the impact of the health overhaul law. Here’s an excerpt:

LOPEZ: Has [the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] affected the doctor-patient relationship?

MOFFIT: The president has repeatedly said that you can keep your doctor. The problem is that your doctor may no longer be able to keep you. The new law will add new layers of bureaucracy on top of the existing regime of red tape and paperwork. Increasingly demoralized doctors will be subject to new rules and reporting requirements, and, with the massive Medicaid expansion, more of their practices will be subject to government payment rules and reductions. The time, energy, and effort to comply with bureaucracy steals doctors’ time and focus away from patients as they are forced to make sure they are following Washington’s rules. Most doctors are hostile to the law, many will leave practice earlier than they had originally planned, and this will exacerbate the doctor shortage.

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