Empower Consumers, Not the Government

Co-author Jim Capretta testified last week that there is a path forward that doesn’t rely on ObamaCare’s price controls and rationing. “With effective government oversight, cost-conscious consumers have the potential to transform American health care, making it much more productive and of high quality, which is what we desperately need,” he said. “With such a reform, the system will become more patient-focused, more efficient, and more innovative. The result will be less fiscal stress, a healthier population, and a health care sector that delivers the kind of value the public deserves.”

In Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America, the authors argue that the key to solving problems with health care in America is to empower consumers, not the government. Learn more about their solutions to provide consumers with the power and tools to make their own decisions about the health care in the chapter, “What We Should Do Instead to Get Reform Right.”

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