Review: The American Spectator

The American Spectator

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America was the featured book review in The American Spectator this week. Reporter David Hogberg writes:

If you need a last minute gift for that health-care policy wonk on your Christmas list, you cannot go wrong with Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America by Grace-Marie Turner, James C. Capretta, Thomas P. Miller, and Robert E. Moffit. The book is written in such a lucid, down-to-earth style that it makes an excellent gift even for the person who is only marginally interested in health care.

Turner, Capretta, Miller, and Moffit were vigorous participants in the debate over Obamacare, and had the powers that be listened to them we wouldn’t be facing the burgeoning mess that we are. As Obamacare inevitably results in one disaster after another, having Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America on your bookshelf will serve as an excellent reference for understanding why the disasters unfold the way they do.

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CLASS Act: You heard it here first

Thanks to Stanley Kurtz for the great recommendation of Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America in his recent post on National Review Online’s Corner blog. He writes:

Not only did the book carefully explain and clearly predict the problems with the CLASS Act, but it reminded me what a tremendous resource this little paperback is for understanding Obamacare as a whole.

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Reason TV interviews co-author Grace-Marie Turner

In this video, co-author Grace-Marie Turner talks about Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America with Reason’s Nick Gillespie. They met in July at FreedomFest, a large annual conference that celebrates liberty. Grace-Marie was there to give a presentation on “Who Cares About ObamaCare? Healthy Alternatives for You and Your Business.”

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Review: The Objective Standard

Jared M. Rhoads has written a terrific, detailed, and favorable review of Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America for the summer issue of The Objective Standard. Rhoads clearly read the book, quotes from it frequently, and believes the authors produced a fair and objective analysis of the health law. He writes, “Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America substantially does what it sets out to do: It shows why ObamaCare is economically and medically bad for America, and these are important, if not fundamental, aspects of the argument against this atrocity.” Here’s an excerpt from his review, which you can read in full at The Objective Standard website:

Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America summarizes the key provisions of the new law, explaining how this historic piece of legislation fails to achieve the goals so loudly trumpeted by its proponents, and what it will actually do instead.

The authors—four health policy experts from four different conservative public policy organizations—largely succeed in making a complex topic comprehensible to a general audience. For starters, they organize their analysis of the legislation into reader-friendly themes such as “Impact on Families and Young Adults,” “Impact on Seniors,” and “Impact on You and Your Employer.” The subsection headings are descriptive and frequent, dividing the chapters into easily digestible segments, many of which are less than a page in length.

In the overview and the first chapter, “Impact on Families and Young Adults,” we learn that the architects of ObamaCare seek to achieve “universal coverage” not by means of market-based reforms—such as deregulating the insurance industry to open it up to interstate competition or equalizing the tax treatment of coverage purchased in the individual market—but by expanding coverage via two new federal entitlement programs: one to provide taxpayer-subsidized health insurance to low-income families and another to provide long-term health care benefits to seniors and people who are disabled (p. 21).

The authors note that whereas these programs will cost more than $2.3 trillion over the next ten years, 23 million people will remain uninsured (p. 57). Thus, although the government will spend far more money, it will not come close to meeting the administration’s dream of “universal coverage.”

The authors also explain that, in response to government changes in reimbursement rates, many physicians will limit the number of Medicare and Medicaid patients they see, drop out of the programs, or leave medicine altogether. All told, as many as 80 to 100 million people could see their coverage and/or their physician network change as a result of ObamaCare (p. 214). Similarly, say the authors, bright would-be medical students witnessing the deterioration in pay, job satisfaction, and professional autonomy in the field will opt for other careers (p. 108). These and other observations made by the authors clarify another major flaw in the “logic” of ObamaCare: Despite the president’s promise, patients cannot “keep” doctors who are no longer willing to practice, and medicine cannot thrive when the best and brightest flee the field.

In general, the authors of Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America do a good job of condensing and critiquing the massive, detail-laden legislation. Although they approach the law head-on and are unabashedly critical, they refrain from hyperbole. For example, in the section titled bluntly “Are There Death Panels In ObamaCare?” (to which they answer “no”), the authors explain how the controversy arose and what protections are in place to prevent the emergence of death panels—and then acknowledge the legitimate basis for concern over this issue, which is the conflict of interest introduced when the federal government makes decisions about coverage while simultaneously trying to control program costs (p. 92).

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Sen. Barrasso mentions book on Senate floor

Yesterday, Senator John Barrasso’s Second Opinion address on the Senate floor was titled, “If You Like Your Health Care Coverage, Cross Your Fingers.” He discussed a new report from the McKinsey Quarterly on “How US health care reform will affect employee benefits.” Talking about the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on employer-provided health insurance, Sen. Barrasso remarked, “Among employers with a high awareness of how the program actually works for health care reform, who have actually studied what the law says, well, in that group, those who are most well informed, they are saying more than 50% and upwards to 60% will pursue other options, likely to stop offering their employees health coverage.” He mentioned Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America, and said that “having read the book, I will tell you a lot of the things I’ve been talking about during the debate leading up to the vote on ObamaCare, and that I’ve been talking about afterwards as a doctor — Second Opinion — are included in [the] book.”

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NEW VIDEO: Why must America stand strong against ObamaCare?

In this new video from The Heritage Foundation, the four authors discuss the most sweeping single piece of social policy legislation in the nation’s history, and the very real and legitimate fears of a government take-over of our health sector that have caused millions of people to take to the streets in protest.

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The Washington Times Books section highlights Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America

The Washington Times

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America is featured today in The Washington Times. An excellent review by Sally Pipes appears on page B4 of the print edition and in the Books section of the website. Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute, writes:

This book serves as a handbook for dismantling Obamacare and reforming American health care in a manner consistent with individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution. Upfront, the authors promise to detail what the “2,801 pages of legislation” will mean for “families, young adults, senior citizens, people with health problems, physicians and other medical professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs, employers and employees, taxpayers, and citizens.” In short, the authors provide a comprehensive examination of the biggest piece of social legislation since the Great Society. And it delivers.

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Capitol Hill Book Forum

Rep. Tom Price, MD, and Sen. John Barrasso joined us yesterday for our Capitol Hill book launch, hosted by AEI. All four co-authors spoke to a full room of Congressional aides about Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America. Rep. Price said “this book is so incredibly important” and described how useful a tool it is to anyone trying to learn what was in the health legislation that passed a year ago. Watch the video below to hear Rep. Price’s remarks and the great presentations by our panel of co-authors.

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Book Launch and Webcast

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America was launched this week with a burst of media activity and a terrific event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The webcast gives a good overview of the book from the four authors, and you’ll hear a terrific introduction from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who led off our event yesterday. “I’m such a fan of this book,” he said. “It’s really an excellent statement, I think, an important statement, of the case against ObamaCare — which I think is the correct case in understanding ObamaCare. And it also suggests the direction one should go once it’s repealed.”

Co-authors at the book launch

Co-authors Tom Miller, Jim Capretta, Grace-Marie Turner, and Bob Moffit

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America book launch event

Bill Kristol joined the co-authors in giving remarks at the National Press Club

Photos by Peter Holden Photography

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Co-authors in the news

Our Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America co-authors each shared their views on the health overhaul law in major media outlets this week:

Thomas P. Miller in RealClearMarkets: One Year In, Americans Want a Divorce from ObamaCare

Robert E. Moffit in The Columbus Dispatch: Individual Mandate Unconstitutional, Unenforceable

James C. Capretta in National Review Online’s Critical Condition: The President Can’t Run on ObamaCare

An interview with Grace-Marie Turner in Townhall: The ObamaCare Legacy of Centralization and Bureaucracy

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