Book sale at Union Station

On May 5, the Galen Institute will host Health Care 2011: Advancing Health Care by Facilitating Innovation, the third in a series of forums designed to explore the value of innovation in the health sector. Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America will be available for sale during the event at the Columbus Club at Union Station. Please email info(at) for more information about the book sale, or visit the Health Care 2011 site to register for the conference.

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Manhattan Institute Book Forum

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America is the first book to explore, in detail, how the new health care law will affect the nature, quality, and availability of health care in the United States. The bill was passed in a highly polarized environment over the objections of a majority of the electorate. Now, one year after its enactment, there has been sufficient time to assess in full the myriad ways that the new law gives power and authority to the federal government at the expense of people, states, and employers. The authors, nationally recognized experts on health reform, are fellows at four different conservative think tanks that have led the fight against ObamaCare. They are in a unique position to explain this legislation and its detrimental effects to the American people.

The sponsors of ObamaCare promised that the law would lower health costs, improve the quality of care, and help reduce the deficit. Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America explains why all of these promises have or will be broken. The new law will impair job creation, burden taxpayers, and put the government in the health care driver’s seat, with severe detrimental effects for the quality of American health care. The book explores in detail all of these issues, and explains the ramifications in chapters devoted to families, seniors, young people, employers, doctors, and taxpayers. It concludes with a prescription for reform that puts consumers and their physicians in charge of their care, not the government.

This book forum will feature all four co-authors and an introduction by Howard Husock, vice president of policy research at the Manhattan Institute.

Please register with the Manhattan Institute if you plan to attend.

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The Washington Times Books section highlights Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America

The Washington Times

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America is featured today in The Washington Times. An excellent review by Sally Pipes appears on page B4 of the print edition and in the Books section of the website. Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute, writes:

This book serves as a handbook for dismantling Obamacare and reforming American health care in a manner consistent with individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution. Upfront, the authors promise to detail what the “2,801 pages of legislation” will mean for “families, young adults, senior citizens, people with health problems, physicians and other medical professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs, employers and employees, taxpayers, and citizens.” In short, the authors provide a comprehensive examination of the biggest piece of social legislation since the Great Society. And it delivers.

Visit The Washington Times to read the full review >>

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Review: Medinnovation’s Dr. Reece

Richard L. Reece, MD, is a retired pathologist who believes in the abilities of practicing doctors and their patients to control and improve their health destinies through innovation. He is author of several books and writes extensively on his blog, Medinnovation, where he recently posted a review of Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America:

This, then, is a book about power: who gets it and who controls it. The authors believe power (and health-care decision-making) should lie with the people, doctors who serve them, and in the states in which patients reside and doctors practice…As I physician, I found their 21 page section on patients and their relationships with doctors particularly powerful.

Read the full review in Medinnovation >>

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IWF’s Inkwell reports on our book forum

Contributor Hadley Heath attended our book forum at the National Press Club last month and posted her thoughts on the event on the Independent Women’s Forum Inkwell blog:

But after listening to the entire forum, one thought keeps resounding in my mind: The practical and the philosophical are intertwined. I agree with Moffit that this is one of the great debates in American history, but it has a lot in common with other debates we’ve had. Who should allocate resources (in this case, in our health care system)? As James Capretta pointed out, ObamaCare starts with the presumption that the government will do it. This presumption is not only anti-American in theory, but also disastrous in practice.

Read Hadley’s full report in Inkwell >>

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Review: Duke University’s Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

The JHPPL News and Notes blog recently wrote about Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America:

ObamaCare is leaving a comet tail of broken promises as it steamrolls its way through our economy and into our lives. What happened? How could there possibly be such a big gap between promise and reality?

In Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America, the authors…explain exactly what the law stipulates and how the law will affect each of us: as patients, as employees, as taxpayers, and as citizens. They also lay out a plan for reforming the law so we can get health care right.

Read the full post in JHPPL News and Notes >>

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BlogTalkRadio: Interview with co-author Grace-Marie Turner

Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America co-author Grace-Marie Turner joined host Stephanie Davis for her Patriot Games blog radio show yesterday. You can listen to their discussion about the book by clicking on the media player below. (The interview will play after a short advertisement.)

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